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Our school, IES TETUÁN DE LAS VICTORIAS, is a Vocational Training School.

Our students can study:

Two levels of Vocational Training which equip students with professional skills according to their requirements:

  • Medium Vocational Training (Ciclos de Grado Medio) in Advanced Administrative Tasks or Computer Systems for students that have finished their Secondary Education (more than16 years).

  • Higher Vocational Training ( Ciclos de Grado Superior) in Administration and Finance, Information Technology or Tourism for students who have finished their Higher Secondary Education (Baccalaureat, 18 years minimum).

We are a medium sized school of about 400 students with a staff of 35 teachers. We are situated in a neighbourhood in the north of the city.

At the end of their second year the students have an on-the job training period in different companies, it is called FCT (Formación en Centros de Trabajo) and it takes three months from late March to late June.

We are completely dedicated to providing productive and satisfying professional practice and on–the–job instruction to our vocational training students, and are committed to ensuring that it is a positive and rewarding experience for both students and employers. In order to enable them to fulfil their training periods abroad, we participate in the Erasmus+ European Mobility Programme. IES Tetuán de las Victorias  students have trained in Austria (Vienna), Belgium (Antwerp), Finland (Rovaniemi), France (La Rochelle, Paris, Limoges and Bordeaux), Germany (Berlin, Cologne and Munich) , Ireland (Dublin), Italy (Rome, Turin and Sora), Poland (Rzeszów), the Netherlands (Amsterdam) and the United Kingdom (London and Edinburgh). We are pleased and proud to say that the experience has proven to be extremely positive for all of them, and look forward to the possibility of cementing new partnerships with businesses all over Europe.

Our establishment warmly welcomes any initiatives that may facilitate understanding and collaboration between schools in different countries, thus contributing to our students’ personal, professional and academic development.



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