Inglés para administracion-en




The English module is based on the 1126/2010 decree.

In it, we touch upon the 4 key skills in English that are applicable to administration.

In English for Administration Management, our objective is to manage to make our students able to identify common situations in and around the office and to express simple messages in a professional environment in English. To this end, our students work on reinforcing core language basics and learning a specific vocabulary that will allow them to reinforce, settle and apply what they have learnt during their secondary education to a new professional context.

If you follow the link below, you will find a video in which a Human Resources officer asks a new employee about his first week working at the office.

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The program is based on the Decree 92/2012 for high technicians in Administration and Finance.

In English for Administration and Finance we aim to give our students all the tools necessary for the implementation of the language in the company. In this module we will begin by learning industry-specific terminology, we will review the basic grammatical structures and do communicative activities such as individual presentations or conversations on various topics related to the world of business. At the end of the course our goal is that our students are able to function effectively in a variety of situations as they may arise in their professional work environment.

The working world. Jobs and responsibilities arising from work

  • Working meetings, updates and projects
  • Telephone support, formal letters and emails
  • Customer Service. Complaints and Grievances
  • Business travel and leisure travel. Intercultural Issues
  • Safety at work
  • Teamwork